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I’m Down and Out

I must admit it . . . my faith is weak right now.

I’m tired of trying to figure out why. There are plenty of reasons “why,” but they don’t really matter anymore. The fact is, I’m here in a valley and I want to find the road outta here fast!

I’ve prayed like the man who came to Jesus asking the Master to heal his demon-possessed son, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief.”(Mark 9:24) It sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? If I say I believe, then why is there still unbelief? After all, I do believe God can do all things.

The thought that is on the surface for me, is that I doubt myself. I’ve believed God has called me to do a certain task, and now I’m looking at myself (not a pretty sight!) and I’m looking at my seemingly lousy circumstances and figuring that I’ve been wrong.

I didn’t really hear God’s voice.

But then again, I think that’s sort of a cop out. God doesn’t really need me to be special in order to do His will. So when I look deeper, I see that I actually have a lack of faith in God because my circumstances aren’t panning out like I think they should.

But who am I to know what God’s will or activities look like? How do I know whether He is busy in the unseen spiritual realm making huge changes or not?

When I look back on my life and study the silent or quiet times of my walk with God (and there are plenty of those to choose from), I see that very often those were the times God was the busiest. Sure, He might not have been busy with my circumstances on those occasions, but He was busy in a bigger and more profound way in my heart. Oh, how I pray that is true this time around!

Are you facing a challenge in your life right now that has you questioning God?

Have you prayed about a certain matter over and over and still there’s no visible change in your circumstances?

Would you be willing to share what you’re struggling with in my comment section?

And if you’re not struggling, would you mind praying for me that Christ would help me to overcome my unbelief?

Thanks so much, Friends!

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The Secret to Finding a Good Secret-Keeper

Last week I urged you to open up and share your secrets with others. But then I realized that some of you may not know whom to do that with, and trust me, it can’t be with just anybody!

The people you share your secrets with should also be the people who:

1. Keep your secrets only to themselves

Usually you can spot these people by their tight-lipped attitude about the secrets they know from others. They are not gossips. In fact, if you should try to gossip to them, they may well ask you to refrain or at least change the subject.

2. Accept you

When you are accepted, you will feel cared for. But if you feel judged by this person even when you are not sharing a secret, then pass them on by when it comes time to disclose.

3. Have a track record of respect and commitment to you

There’s a temptation to tell your secrets to friends whom you don’t know well enough yet. But if you haven’t had lots different conversations or interactions with a certain person, then hold on to your secrets for another day. It takes months, even years to know if someone is trustworthy.

4. Are humble and authentic about their own lives

You’ll feel comfortable with these kinds of people because they’ve let you peer into their secret world. They’ve dropped their guard and been willing to admit their own failures with you.

5. Increase your emotional and spiritual growth

We may be tempted to share our secrets with our “partners in crime,” but don’t go there! If you have a friend who doesn’t bring out the best in you—emotionally, relationally, spiritually—then that’s not a friend you want carrying your sacred secret.

Now my list is not exhaustive, nor is it a rigid set of rules. Remember, no one is perfect! The people whom you’re considering telling your secrets to may have failed you at one time or another in the past. The point is, do they have a good overall track record? If so, don’t wait another day. Let the healing begin!

Perhaps you know of another important character quality that you look for in someone whenever you share a secret.

If so, please share your criteria on the subject!

After all, we’d all love to know what your secret is … to finding a secret-keeper!

“A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.” Proverbs 11:13 (NIV)