I’m Down and Out

I must admit it . . . my faith is weak right now.

I’m tired of trying to figure out why. There are plenty of reasons “why,” but they don’t really matter anymore. The fact is, I’m here in a valley and I want to find the road outta here fast!

I’ve prayed like the man who came to Jesus asking the Master to heal his demon-possessed son, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief.”(Mark 9:24) It sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? If I say I believe, then why is there still unbelief? After all, I do believe God can do all things.

The thought that is on the surface for me, is that I doubt myself. I’ve believed God has called me to do a certain task, and now I’m looking at myself (not a pretty sight!) and I’m looking at my seemingly lousy circumstances and figuring that I’ve been wrong.

I didn’t really hear God’s voice.

But then again, I think that’s sort of a cop out. God doesn’t really need me to be special in order to do His will. So when I look deeper, I see that I actually have a lack of faith in God because my circumstances aren’t panning out like I think they should.

But who am I to know what God’s will or activities look like? How do I know whether He is busy in the unseen spiritual realm making huge changes or not?

When I look back on my life and study the silent or quiet times of my walk with God (and there are plenty of those to choose from), I see that very often those were the times God was the busiest. Sure, He might not have been busy with my circumstances on those occasions, but He was busy in a bigger and more profound way in my heart. Oh, how I pray that is true this time around!

Are you facing a challenge in your life right now that has you questioning God?

Have you prayed about a certain matter over and over and still there’s no visible change in your circumstances?

Would you be willing to share what you’re struggling with in my comment section?

And if you’re not struggling, would you mind praying for me that Christ would help me to overcome my unbelief?

Thanks so much, Friends!

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Comments on: "I’m Down and Out" (13)

  1. when god called me into ministry for a season i spent a year running from it…making excuses, doubting myself, doubting his voice…finally he spoke through others into my life…i never regret following it…even after being out of ministry the last couple years…

  2. Excellent I often have my weakest moments when I think things should have turned out differently. Then after some time I realize it was all for the best.

  3. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH:)

  4. He is calling me to forgiveness, to growth, to love.

    I am fighting it with everything I have….yet His voice is still there.

  5. Old Ollie said:

    an honest blog – this is the best kind – a fine devotion

  6. A few years ago my faith was low and I didn’t have much hope. During that time, and even now while searching for a job, getting my mom settled in a nursing home, moving into a smaller place, and decluttering I have questioned if I’m just trying to swim upstream and failing.

    It helps to remember God sees the big picture when we can’t. There is a purpose to the testing period of our lives. I don’t think it’s always supposed to be easy, but if you can imagine the pain Jesus endured from being separated from his Father for three days then this isn’t so difficult.

    It is one thing to disconnect by our own choosing, but to be forcibly separated from God scares me and causes physical pain. “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”1 Cor. 13:13

    There is a reason love is the greatest! Hold on to it when your faith and hope are being tested. You are His daughter! Just as we hurt when our children hurt, He hurts when we are hurting that much and more.

    God bless you, Beth! You will be in my prayers.

  7. Thank you for your honesty, I am praying for you my bloggy friend!

  8. Hang in there, Beth.
    I understand how you feel. I seem to be stalled in this space that feels far from God. Yet, He seems to reach out to me from time to time to remind me that He’s not so far away. I just feel like a faith failure, compared to others (which, I know, I know, I’m not supposed to do). I just wish I was one of those people who seem to have God right there at every moment.
    I don’t have any ideas for getting to that place of faith. I just keep trying to stack up those elements of life that I can control that will contribute to getting me there. I’ve made a conscious effort lately to focus on finding new friends, who are stronger in faith, and focusing my time and attention on more godly activities.
    It’s not working fast enough!
    I’m praying for you.

  9. Thanks to everyone for praying and encouraging! I truly, truly appreciate it and soak up every word!

  10. I can relate….I’ve had many times where I felt like this. I keep journals and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone back and read what I wrote during my difficult times. It always amazes me to look back at how God was (is) at work, even when I don’t see it at the time.
    Praying for you….

  11. Molebogeng said:

    I am at my weakest point, have been praying and fasting for a job. Have just been from two interviews which I was hopeful I would get one of them, but recieved none of both. I am working away from home, come only on wekends. My two girls aged 17 and 9 have been without their Mom for some time, I miss them so dearly. Wish somehow God could answer me. I’ve lost hope, seem like the possibility of finding a job closer to home is far from being a reality.

  12. lonelyflower316 said:

    I just need to vent, because I don’t really have anyone that I can actually talk to. I was abandoned by my husband and his family. I don’t have any family where I’m living (This is his hometown) and a couple of friends. I have had many unfortunate situations over the past 2 yrs. and no one that I thought would be there was there to help me. I feel so down that it’s like I’m just now discovering independence for the first time, at least that’s how everyone makes me feel. It’s like I was never anybody capable of doing anything for myself, and need others to carry me. That is so far from the truth. I have been on my own for a very long time, and was always able to provide my children with the best, even as a young mother. Now I am just so lost in total confusion as to why I am suffering this way. I can also relate to your post regarding jobs as well Molebogeng. I am struggling trying to get a job, I don’t have any reliable transportation, one thing after another. I feel bad for writing this, because there are others that think I am a bum because of what I’m now going through. I am only 32 yrs. old but I’m starting to feel so tired, and I am so so so so sad inside my spirit. It’s so hard for me to pray, because I feel that my prayers will not be answered.

  13. I hope God is there. Sometimes I think he will help with my problems . I’m not sure , maybe I should not even ask him . I’m tired of this last year and half . Most of the time in my life I have been still pretty happy . Not now though . I realy think most of the time we self inflict are problems . Then we look for a bail out from God .

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