Afraid of Silence

What do you think having the “gift of gab” means?

In searching it out, I’ve found contradictory definitions. But one that seems to be prevalent is: “Having the gift of being able to speak easily and freely.”

I have to admit that I have envied these kinds of people in the past. Conversation, especially in a formal setting, doesn’t exactly come easily for me. But fire up my computer, and the words just flow like Popsicles melting on a 100 degree day! (That’s something we’ve been experiencing all too often around here in the midwest!)

Now I know there are those with this “gift” who clearly know how to include another person within a conversation. But sometimes conversing with someone who has the gift of gab, is like driving the wrong way on a one way street—you just might get run over by your chatty friend!

Please know that I am not just airing a pet-peeve here. I’m sending out a reminder to every one who tends to talk a little too much and not listen enough (and yes, that can be me too)! . . . 

We don’t need to be afraid of the silence.

Remember the old saying, “Silence is golden?” That phrase probably was written by a frustrated friend of a “Chatty Cathy.”

Why do we need silence in a conversation?

  1. It brings calmness to the conversation.
  2. It offers the opportunity to think about what has just been said.
  3. Believe it or not, it allows for connections to form.
  4. Obviously, it offers the other person the opportunity to share his or her thoughts, which gives a sense of mutual enjoyment.

Here’s why I think some people are afraid of silence:

  1. Silence means I’m allowing you to accept or reject me.
  2. Silence means I’m trusting you enough to wait on you.
  3. Silence means I’m trusting that you’ll still find me interesting when I’m quiet.
  4. Silence means I’m willing to give up control.
  5. Silence means I’m willing to open up and let you approach me.

If you want to have intimate, close friendships, remember that silence is not a dead-end street, but a bridge to gap the distance between you and your friend.

For more thoughts on how to be more engaging in conversation, check out my past post: 2 Kinds of Listening.

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Comments on: "Afraid of Silence" (2)

  1. I think my brain just generates too much information–and I have to share it!

  2. I tend to chatter alot on and off the computer 🙂 But, I really make an effort to listen to others and not cut in the conversation too soon. Maybe I am afraid of that awkward silent moment so I keep chattering away! 🙂 Interesting post and thank you for linking up to NOBH! 🙂

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