Me and My Mom - cropped from a family picture (that apparently was dragging on too long for me!)

Here it is the week before Mother’s Day and it’s gotten me to thinking about my mother. Very often I have, unfortunately, used her as an example of what not to do in my marriage relationship.  After all, I didn’t look to my dad to figure out how to be a wife and mother! For good or ill, my mother was my inspiration for all array of women’s ways.

So, as I reflect on her life and its impact on me, I have to give credit to her for the many ways she showed me how to be a better mom than I would have been on my own.

Here are some of the best things my mom taught me:

1.  How to open up and share the deepest feelings I have inside with trusted friends and family

I know this is a special gift that God wanted me to have through my mother. I see it being used now in my life and ministry every day. And although my own sons are like most boys who don’t want to talk about “feelings,” I have to hope that my candor with and in front of them will help them to be better husband’s and father’s someday.

2.  How to depend on God as if my life depended on it!

That’s because my life does depend on it, but I don’t think I would have known that if my mother hadn’t patiently mentored me in my faith. God became real to me in those times when she pulled up a chair and talked with me about the hurts I was experiencing in life—always using the Bible as her guide. Her compassion gave me a glimpse into the compassion of God, my heavenly Father.

3.  How to be committed

If there is one thing that both of my parents modeled well, it was commitment—to each other and to God. They were willing to weather the hard times together, always striving for that unifying focus in their Lord and Savior. If God asked them to do something, like work through the pain and misery of a wounded marriage, then they were willing to do it. I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m so committed to helping messy married couples too.

It’s your turn now, . . .

What positive things has your mother taught you?

And if she’s still alive, why don’t you tell her! That may just be the best Mother’s Day gift she will ever receive!



Comments on: "3 Life-Changing Things My Mother Taught Me" (13)

  1. You are so blessed to have a great mother and it is great of you to share with us about her

  2. Thanks! She was a great “Christian” mom (She passed away in 2002). I feel as if I have this incredible spiritual foundation that not many have been blessed to have and she played a huge part in developing that in me.

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. your mother sounds like she was a beautiful woman of the Lord.

  4. To cook with calculated abandon!

  5. Your mother sounds so wonderful! You are blessed!

  6. Stacey said:

    My mom taught me some of her finest skills: cooking and shopping! I am glad for both skills, but she also taught me much more. I would be remiss if I failed to mention that she taught me her love for the Lord. In addition, she led by example when she stood with me as a pillar of strength during the roughest storms of my life. Though tiny, she is a mighty woman. Feisty, too! She has impressed upon me the importance of being a supportive, Godly wife. She has proven that being a housewife is NOT being JUST a housewife, and that running a household is a full-time job. OH – and she definitely educated me on how to perfectly iron my husband’s shirts. Thankfully, we don’t have to pay to take them to the cleaners and have them done! 😉 My mom drives me crazy and makes me laugh all at the same time. And, although she has been known to drive me up a tree, I will always love her dearly and be thankful that she is here to guide me through my latest assignment – how to be a mother! Love you MOM!!! 🙂

  7. Stacey said:

    ps … Beth, I sooooo love this pic! That lip is so sweet!!

  8. dear beth, that photo is a classic. i love it. and i love how tender this post… it makes me reflect on what i want to be remembered for, by my boys… thank you. xo

  9. She has a faith that quietly trusts God in whatever (even if she had to fight through emotion first), she is the most accepting person I have ever known, she believes it will turn out ok, always, she’s loyal but she tells me the truth even when it stings.

  10. And you and your mom have similar expressions in that pic. Maybe it was running on long for both of you.

  11. My mom has taught me that even though life gets tough, God will get us through. She showed this to me through her actions. She has taught me how to be positive and look on the brighter side of life. I love my mom dearly and feel so fortunate to have her. With all the YUCK that went on in our lives she could have made a choice to dwell on that and didn’t. She made a choice to focus on being grateful for what we had!

  12. Wow, Beth. You have shared the best of your mother’s qualities with us and that is very precious. You are an encouragement. It takes faith to glean the good and this is what you’ve shared with us. Thank you!

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