Making Time for God

I’m a ritual loving girl. I love getting up in the morning, exercising, eating my breakfast (steel cut oatmeal with fruit along with a cup of coffee).

When I can, I love taking another coffee break in the afternoon, while I chill with Dr. Phil or with a good book or some fun blog surfing.

I love going to my small group Bible study at Borders every Thursday morning and getting my raspberry latte, fat-free, extra hot from my favorite barista, Angela.

I love having a cup of tea or hot cider in the evening with my hubby while we talk or watch a favorite tv show together.

But most importantly, I love making time each day to meet with God through my Bible reading and prayer.

When I don’t get to do one of my “rituals,” I feel deprived and out-of-whack. And when I don’t get to spend time with God daily, I find that I also experience so much more stress, conflict and discontentment than I do on the days when my ritual has been kept.

I have made a habit or ritual of meeting with God since I was a teen, so it’s deeply embedded in my daily routine. But for many, this practice is hard to develop. So I wanted to suggest that perhaps you need to make your daily time with God a “ritual.”

And the way that you make it a ritual is by…

  • Keeping it at or near the same time each day
  • Building it around other pleasurable rituals

For me, I have my morning cup of coffee during my time with God. That gives me an “I-can’t-wait-to get-to-it” feeling, thereby associating and reinforcing a positive experience with my time with God.

  • Setting the mood

I love to plug in my iPod and listen to soothing music while I read and pray. The point is to block out distractions and give yourself a private space to meet with God. Now, if you have young children, you might not be able to “block out any distraction” completely, so be sure to choose a time when they are either napping or being watched by your hubby.

If these suggestions don’t help, then you might want to also…

  • Seek out accountability

Find a friend who will ask you on a regular basis about what you’ve read this past week or how your time with God is going.

  • Keep a checklist

If you have a checklist, you’re much more apt to stick with the commitment you are making. It’s simply a way to be accountable to yourself.

  • Join a Bible study group

This is helpful even if you’re already making time for God daily, but especially if you just need to learn how to study your Bible and want the support of friends to help you form the habit ritual.

So, tell me what keeps you on track with your time with God?

Or, tell me what gets you off track, and I’ll promise to pray for you!


Comments on: "Making Time for God" (8)

  1. Well said, Beth! Thanks for the encouragement on maintaining our walk with God!

  2. Thanks, Pam! I appreciate “your” encouragement too! 🙂

  3. I love this post! And, I completely adore your desire for ritual! 😉 I, too, am a creature of habit …. that has been completely rocked since Eli has come into the picture. Lately, I’ve been better able to carve out time for God when the kids nap together. However, you’ve inspired me to build an entire day of ritual. Since my personality tends to appreciate such structure, I think this will work well for me and be a welcomed change. Now …. to set my alarm and stock up on the steel cut oatmeal! 😉

  4. Anonymous said:

    Time with God is LIFE. Every moment. Each moment….no matter what we do is time with God because he lives within me. Yes. I should read the Bible. Yes. I should actually have specific times of prayer sometimes. However, the Evangelical notion that “7 minutes with God” over a cup of coffee in the wee hours of morning is better than a consecrated moment of, for example, washing dishes is a fallacy.
    Not arguing. I love your blog.

  5. Stacey, I’m so glad this idea is igniting a new enthusiasm for your day and your time with God. I know that it’s especially hard for mom’s of little ones. I remember those years for me were often hit or miss. But I always found the “rituals” in my day seemed to reinforce having my concentrated time with God.

    Anonymous, I totally agree. I don’t want to say that compartmentalizing my time with God to a set time in my day is the way to go. You bring up a good point that sacred moments should be sought all throughout our day. But I do feel for me, if I don’t nail down a specific and concentrated time with God regularly, then I easily let the demands and distractions of my day drown out His voice and my desire to prioritize Him. Thanks for adding to the dialogue a helpful point!

  6. Thanks for the nice post!And yes it’s so important or better vital to spend time with God!In my moments with God I have with me a special journal where I like to write down the most beautiful verses I find in the Bible.
    God bless you!

  7. I keep on trying and forcing my way through to have time for God, i feel unhappy whenever i don’t have time for God, and sometimes some obstacles prevent me from enjoying my time with God and praying… I feel theres so much i need to do for Christ Jesus… Remember me in prayers please to be able to soar above all obstacles like an eagle… GOD BLESS YOU!!

  8. I realy feel encouraged by everything on this blog and i thank God for your lives..

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