Have you ever tried to hide the fact that you have a cold?

It’s kind of hard to do, but I’ve done it before.

Recently I had a cold on the day that my husband and I were going to go on a date. In spite of my wayward nose, I decided that I felt good enough to go to the movies with him. But several times throughout the movie, I felt the need to blow my nose. I guess I could have excused my way to the end of the aisle each time to blow my nose in the privacy of the bathroom, but I chose not to disrupt the movie goers who were next to me.

Yeah, right!

Instead, I treated them to the sounds of a never-ending snot fest as I blasted my way to the end of my mucus. Minutes later, I felt the urge to once again indulge my neighbors in the symphony of a head cold—giving special attention to my horn section!

Hiding my cold was futile … and that’s the way secrets are too.

We think that we can keep them hidden and they will, in turn, keep us safe. But secrets have a way of showing on the outside to anyone who draws near.

Secrets infect. Secrets ooze. Secrets held within, work their way out like disturbing drainage. They are not silent prisoners that we can contain. They are like the continual vexation of post-nasal drip. Ugh!

Have I made the metaphor run on and on too long?

Let me just say, I used to try to hide my secrets. I finally realized that my secrets were making me sick. I began to be open and vulnerable with the people I trusted the most. It took time, but eventually I began to feel better.

The Bible says, “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so God can heal you.” James 5:16a (NCV)

Oh, and never, ever forget –

“…The truth will set you free!”


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