1. Always wear a mask – Your mantra should be to never let anyone know who you really are or how you truly feel. That way you’ll appear to have it all together and no one will be able to relate to you.
  2. Never show your softer emotions – This means that you should never cry around anyone or appear to be moved by anyone’s pain or feelings. When you practice this strict discipline, you’ll appear to be either a cold, distant robot or a perfectionistic control-freak. Either way, you’ll have people running for the hills in no time. I’ve tried this. I promise, it really works great!
  3. Judge someone’s motives – Now this is easily achieved when you’re in the heat of debate. But please don’t make the fatal mistake of mentioning their behavior. After all, they can prove you wrong in that realm. So focus only on what you cannot see—their motives—then they’ll never know what hit them. Of course, rounding it out by casting a pious look their way adds power to the punch.
  4. Never apologize – This is like a gunfighter dropping his weapon in the middle of a dual—how crazy is that? Unfortunately, admitting how you were wrong changes the dynamic on a dime—so avoid it like the plague!
  5. Never forgive – This is similar to “never apologize” except that it can be done covertly. This means that the awkward distance they are feeling with you can only be felt and never identified. It’s the perfect way to keep people from coming back, or for that matter, coming toward you in the first place! It’s a true win-win!

Although we may laugh at this and not take it seriously, looking at rejection from this angle makes it a little easier to see our tendency to do many of these things—unintentionally, of course!

So take a minute and score yourself on these 5 issues (or if you’re brave enough, have someone else score you!) — rating a “1” for not at all to a “10” for this is me to the core! Then take the time to work on the area(s) where you scored highest.

I have to admit, I really need to work on number 2—and just so you know, I’m crying now as I admit this! (wink! wink!)


Comments on: "5 Things You Should Do If You Want to be Rejected" (2)

  1. Donna earnhardt said:

    Do you have to keep stomping on my toes? Really? ;). Great post and one I needed to read.

  2. And I bet your toes are so pretty too!

    Sorry, but I’m in the same boat, I’m always convicted whenever I write. I guess God wants to knock off a few rough edges for me too.

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