My Humiliating Misstep

Have you ever gotten so obsessed with doing something that you did something really stupid in the process?

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I have done this so many times it’s not funny. But on this occasion, I was simply going to church and hurrying to find a certain person before the service began. My mistake came when I tried to scan the crowd for this person while walking.

So here I am, walking briskly up to the glass doors in front of our church. I passed through the first set unscathed. But there’s this second set you must pass through in order to step inside the atrium. I probably slipped to the side of the glass door to get another angle before stepping inside, and as I did, I failed to notice that the door was now to my right.

Now remember, I was busy scanning!

But my perpetual motion left me running smack dab into a glass wall!

Here’s a secret I discovered:

The good thing about a glass entryway is that you can easily see whoever is on the other side of the glass, and the bad thing about a glass entryway is that everyone else can easily see whoever is on the other side of the glass—and in my case, crashing into it!

As I peeled my nose off of the newly smudged glass wall, I was quickly jolted back to reality. And just as I was, I caught sight of a teen boy who was on the other side. I didn’t stay long enough to see who else had caught sight of my utter humiliation. Unfortunately, it was probably a dozen or so high school boys who were there for a youth focused weekend retreat. But I digress.

My point is – I have a tendency to get caught up in “doing things” before I walk through a door. It’s not that the “things” I’m doing are bad necessarily. It’s just that I need to focus on taking one step at a time. Very often when I worry about and try to do the two or three things that are miles down the road, I run into a wall.

It may be. . .

  • a wall of self-doubt or
  • a wall of resisting God or
  • a wall that requires more skill or dedication or faith than I’ve allowed God to build in me up to that point

In other words, the time is not right for me to proceed forward. I need to slow down and listen to what step God may be prompting me to do that I thought was unimportant, already accomplished or didn’t even know was a need. I guess this is my reminder, and hopefully yours too, that we need to slow down enough to keep in step with God and listen for what He wants us to do each step of the way in our lives.

So what is one step that God wants you to take today?

Mine is to remember that it doesn’t depend on me. And to trust God, who is able to face those challenges down the road with and through me!


Comments on: "My Humiliating Misstep" (4)

  1. You’re still cool, though.

  2. Why, thank you, Kimberly! I think you’re cool too!

  3. I would have been right there with you, crashing into glass. It’s how we roll. 😉

    I love that you share this stuff with the rest of us. Now the rest of us don’t feel so alone!

    Seriously, thank you for a great post.


  4. Hey Donna,

    So glad to know that my blunders are helpful. I hesitated to write about this, but figured others (like me) could relate!

    Thanks for letting me know it was encouraging to you!

    Hugs right back at ya!

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