Do you have a control freak in your life? Or perhaps you are one! Sometimes I am, especially when my anxiety is running high. The Control Freak lives by this motto – If a situation is spinning out of control, the way to stop it is by controlling the situation!

On the surface that makes sense, but the problem is that a true Control Freak:

  1. Doesn’t know how much control should be exerted and often controls too much
  2. Doesn’t know when to leave the situation in the hands of God

A perfect example in the Bible of a Control Freak is the disciple, Peter. In Matthew chapter 26, we see a situation that seemed to be spinning out of control. Jesus was being confronted by a mob that had come to arrest him. True to form, Peter decided to take charge of the chaotic and threatening situation. He grabbed, or had, a sword tucked away in his cloak for just such an occasion.

Now, you’ve got to give Peter credit for his desire to put his own life at risk by defending and rescuing Jesus . . . the Savior. In case you didn’t notice, that last sentence reeks of irony and makes me wonder, What was Peter thinking? I just want to laugh at Peter or kick myself for being just like him!

Back to the story . . .

Peter sprung into Super Hero action, probably lunging at the closest member of the mob, the high priest’s servant. I can only imagine what Peter must have been thinking,

“This will make them sit up and listen to my beloved Messiah!”

Of course, if he really wanted them to listen, he probably shouldn’t have tried to cut off someone’s ear!

Christ didn’t need Peter’s help and the situation truly never spun out of Jesus’ control. His sole purpose in coming to earth was not to keep His life, but rather to give it.  When Peter arrogantly tried to control the situation, he unintentionally got in the way of God’s plan being communicated and fulfilled.  Thankfully, Christ, who had ultimate control, remedied the dilemma immediately.

  • Are you facing a situation, thinking you have a better plan than God?
  • Are you trying to somehow control the situation or the people in your life?
  • What would surrendering your situation to God look like or involve?

From one Control Freak to another, I would love to know!

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Comments on: "Getting Your Control Freaky On?" (10)

  1. Sometimes trying to have too much control can make things feel more out of control ironically in my experience.

  2. nikki carrion said:

    I can definitely relate to this one! While I do feel like I have grown a lot on surrendering things to God on a daily basis (sometimes multiple times a day!) I am always “amused” at myself that I still sometimes am unwilling to trust God completely in everything because I think (erroneously) that I can do better with my life than God! Insanity! Praise God that He knows that I “am formed from dust” and that He still chooses to show me how much He loves me and that He is in control!

  3. Morgan, I completely get what you are saying. It really does make the feelings and the situation worse.

    Nikki, I’m with you on the whole “thankful that God loves me even when I’m in my Control Freak mode.” I don’t know why reaching out for His ever-available hand is so difficult. I’m really in greater danger when I try to handle things and don’t reach out for Him!

  4. I love this post. I think sometimes it’s so easy to forget that God IS in control or wonder exactly how much he wants us to do…and wham! Next thing we know we’ve moved Him completely out of the equation.

  5. Hi Sherri, thanks for stopping by and encouraging me. I checked out your blog and it looks like we have a lot in common.
    Regarding my post:
    Recently I’ve been feeling daily like my situation is out of control and it has really brought me comfort to remember that no matter how terrible things can get, God is in control and is going to bring about something good!

  6. I praise God that He knows all! If I give up the reins to HIm, then I shouldn’t have to worry. 🙂

  7. Funny, because I was just thinking today about some men who seemed so much like me in the Bible at times…you know the kind…wanting to “help” God out w/ His plan for their life…like Abraham when he had Ishmael…and Jacob when he wanted to trick his father into thinking he was Esau. I mean…they were given a promise, yet they didn’t wait on God’s timing…sooooo like me. Well, I just prayed today, “please, Lord, don’t let me get ahead of you”. Because (frankly) my control freak self needs His help not to take control.

  8. I am that control freak! The past two years have been a painful process of learning that control is my idol and that God is calling me to relinquish (which would be so much easier if I could just develop a plan for doing that, fit it neatly into a spreadsheet, and then just check off the steps as I complete each one). But God has been using other means of teaching me–they’re called teenagers!

  9. Erin, I love your analogies. That could be a whole ‘nother post! Thanks!

    Nancy, I totally agree! In fact, I’m writing a follow up to this post and it goes in the direction of what you’ve just said. I guess – “Great minds think alike!” Or is it more like – “It takes a Control Freak to know a Control Freak?” At least I’m glad I’m not alone!

  10. Sherry, I’m so sorry that I missed thanking you for your comment. I appreciate you adding your thoughts and stopping on by!

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