I Love Comments

If you don’t already know, bloggers love comments! So I’m giving you a simple opportunity to comment on my blog.  I need to know whether you are interested in my:

  • Spiritual-type posts
  • Relational/Psychological-type posts
  • Both types

I’m considering honing my blog to one or the other, but if I get a lot of responses for both, that’s what I will probably continue to do.

Thanks so much!!


Comments on: "I Love Comments" (9)

  1. I prefer your relationship/psychological posts, but your religious posts help remind me of the existence of God so please keep those up too.

  2. Anonymous said:

    I love all your blogs!!!

  3. Cindy Rotter said:

    I enjoy both.

  4. Keep sharing Beth. 🙂

  5. Becky Boerner said:

    I enjoy both of them!

  6. Like em both. Hate to lose either of them.

  7. I enjoy the both also! The relational/psychological posts are easy to relate to my life and always well needed. 🙂 The spiritual posts remind me what I need to focus on the most. But if I had to pick….Relational/psychological w/ Spiritual mixed in.

  8. A thank you goes out to everyone who commented. I think the consensus is that I need to keep on doing both. So that’s what I will do!

  9. Donna Bragdon said:

    I enjoy and benefit from both types of posts, Beth. I hope you’ll keep up the great work!

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