Just a Thought

“We’ve been raised with a false belief: We mistakenly believe that criticism leads to failure. . . Nobody says, “Yeah, I’d like to set myself up for some serious criticism!”  And yet . . . the only way to be remarkable is to do just that.”

–Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow



Comments on: "Just a Thought" (2)

  1. Your posts are oddly very aproppo to my life. I think a criticism need not burn painfully but it can nicely melt away some horrible impurities, imperfections, and pathologies. “No one likes to hear the truth” may just be a myth after all.

  2. I’m glad that my posts have been relevant to your life. That’s what I’m always aiming for. And I loved your contrasting image–burning vs. melting away. Thanks for your thoughts.

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