What is Love?

Love is . . .

Developed in times of difficulty

Infatuation is . . .

Spoiled in times of difficulty

Love is . . .

Empowered by what is good and true

Infatuation is . . .

Fueled by good times

Love is . . .

A result of intentional and sacrificial choices that eventually bloom into feelings

Infatuation is . . .

Quickly ignited by feelings and images that extinguish just as quickly

Love is . . .

Persevering no matter what comes your way

Infatuation is . . .

Preoccupation with whomever strikes your fancy

Love is . . .

Seeking God to fill the void when your loved one isn’t so lovable

Infatuation is . . .

Pursuing a “soul-mate” in an effort to feel complete

Love is . . .

Hard work

Infatuation is . . .

Effortless and involuntary

Love is . . .

Vulnerable when selfishness or self-pity is allowed to flourish

Infatuation is . . .

Fed by self-centeredness and grandiosity

Love is . . .

Established by giving and receiving respect

Infatuation is . . .

Energized by being the object of worship

Love is . . .

Strengthened by fearful self-disclosures which pave the way to a deeper bond

Infatuation is . . .

Weakened by fearful revelations that shatter the dream



Comments on: "What is Love?" (6)

  1. Great insights!

  2. I was just in a relationship and the picture you paint is way to black and white. There are both elements of infatuation and love that exist simultanously. What broke the relationship with me was basically a last straw. I feel that she was trying to see how strong I was in dealing with her difficulties and just got carried away with things. In fact I believe that she was unconciously trying to sabatoge the relationship for a long time. She had done little to prepare her heart for falling in love. She had too much hate within her for anything to last. Largely she hated herself for past rejections and for becoming too fat in her mind. At least that’s my angle.

    Thanks for the great comment starter!!!

  3. I agree that relationships are not simply black and white, love vs. infatuation. But these are the respective characteristics of love and infatuation. I also don’t buy the concept that we “fall in love.” I think we “fall in like” or “fall in infatuation,” but we must choose to love. I’m sorry that you’ve experienced a broken relationship. Love can be a rough and rocky road, but it can really be worth it if you both persevere and look to God to provide a love that overcomes human weaknesses. Thanks for reading and commenting! Interesting point.

  4. This was true love between her and I. There are no words in the English language to explain it.

  5. Martha Heckenberg said:

    Life is full of choices and choosing to love is one of those choices. I can hold onto hurt feelings when someone has hurt me intentional or not and choose to not love. Or I can choose to forgive and continue to love.

  6. I don’t feel hurt by anything she did to me. She could burn like a furnace, but she didn’t get personal with me. We were brought together largely because we shared an uncanny amounts of things in common. I am haunted by memories of her. Of all the people I have met she is the least plastic of them. She was forged from something that our society does not allow for much anymore. Traditions are disapearing and yet conformity is increasing. Woe to the world! Woe to the awful purgatory of facebook! Woe to the hatreds out there! The lack of depth and understanding in this world!!! She showed me to always take care of myself fiercely and doubt the world around me and know that people are often less kind on the inside as they appear on the outside, but good people no matter how good should be sought out for like gems hiding in the waters. She showed me that the world is a bit dangerous, but it hidden beauty is dazzling. I forgive her, but can she forgive me for rejecting her. After a while I began to feel a need for a more stable relationship. And she was wonderfully wild and sometimes like a whip.

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