Product Details Recently I’ve encountered many people who’ve experienced untimely deaths or unexpected tragedies.  I’ve blogged on this in previous posts.  But I also just purchased the latest Steven Curtis Chapman CD called, “Beauty Will Rise.” I still feel a certain grief for him and his family since they tragically lost their five year old adopted daughter Maria on May 21, 2008.  This album is full of his journey of grief.  You will feel his pain as he literally “walks through the valley of death,” and yet is still able to proclaim that God is faithful.

I highly recommend this CD for anyone who has lost a loved one, in particular a child.  I would recommend it also for those whose worlds have been rocked by any variety of tragedies.  You will be able to see how God has worked in Steven’s life through this terrible and unexplainable loss.  I think it will give those who grieve comfort in knowing they are not alone and in knowing that God is still in control.  However, he doesn’t attempt to explain God’s ways nor does he contain God to the cramped corners of a box.  But he does share his heart in all of its vulnerability and brokeness, and yet we hear him rising back up again with hope in God.

I love the first song, “Heaven is the Face,” where Steven talks about all that was heavenly about his daughter while here on Earth, and how he will see heaven in her face when he joins her one day.  I also really like the song, “February 20th” which tells the story of how little Maria began to ask questions about God and heaven on that day just three short months before her death.  And in asking those questions, she prayed to receive Christ.  Now that day is a great comfort to the Chapmans for obvious reasons.  I also really resonate with his song, “Our God Is In Control” because it captures the feelings we all feel when God doesn’t make sense.

If you are going through a tragedy or know someone who is, I highly recommend either buying this CD for yourself or for those you know who are hurting and confused.


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