I’ve admitted in a recent post that I have an ugly habit of collecting used tissues for another blow or two.  (You can check it out at—7 Steps for Kicking a Habit.) But I’ve recently struggled with another habitual problem.  For the past year or so I’ve been plagued with fatigue, even sleepiness, during times that are less than ideal.  One of those inopportune times is during my prayer time.  I start out just fine, engaging with God in my usual way, but quickly find that I’m closing my eyes not just in prayer but also in sleep.  I know I need to get this problem checked out by a doctor—and I plan to! But in the meantime, I’ve discovered a fix for this dilemma and feel that it might help some of you weary or stressed-out readers who also have sleepy quiet times.

I’d like to refer to this new method as “e-Prayer.”  No, I haven’t made Jesus my Facebook friend—writing on his wall whenever I feel the need to pray. Instead, I’ve begun to type my prayers on my laptop in a file simply entitled, “Prayer Journal.”  I feel this method has some significant benefits over writing your prayers (something I’ve tried in the past, as well).  And I feel it also has huge benefits over speaking your prayers.  Since as I’ve said before, it was something I grew tired of in more ways than one!

Benefits of e-Prayer over writing my prayers:

  1. Keeps my hand from cramping
  2. Is typically more legible for rereading prayers
  3. Spell-checks!
  4. Avoids clutter with no paper or notebook to store
  5. Provides more privacy (depending on how you set it up)
  6. Speeds up recording my thoughts—increasing freedom of expression
  7. Feels less like a chore and more like a joy

Benefits of e-Prayer over speaking my prayers:

  1. Records my prayers so that I can easily reread, which lends itself to several additional benefits:
  2. Provides an ongoing record of what I prayed and how I prayed
  3. Gives me an awareness of how God has answered
  4. Gives me an awareness of how prayer has improved my attitude—this one was a real surprise for me!
  5. Keeps me awake and fully engaged in a way that speaking my prayers has not
  6. I’ve just seen God speaking to me both in and outside my prayer time that was not as obvious as when I was speaking my prayers (even when I didn’t have the issue of sleepiness).

There is a benefit to changing up your spiritual practices.  Anytime we bring novelty to something we are doing, it ignites increased interest and enthusiasm.  Maybe that is what I’m experiencing.  But either way, it has been a good thing for me.  And maybe it’s something you might want to try too.

BTW, I’m not saying that I’ve given up speaking my prayers or that you should too.  (After all, sometimes it’s just not possible to whip out my laptop!)  But for me this has been a new and rewarding way to pray.


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