Sometimes we don’t know when to do something.  So in an effort to clarify the ambiguity we all face in life at times, I’m going to start a recurring column with various issues about “When to . . .”

Today we are looking at “When to go on a date with your spouse:”

  1. When you’ve started to call each other by your role rather than your name“What’s for dinner, Mom?” or “When can you help little Billy with his homework, Daddy?”
  2. When the last time you went on a date was B.C. – “Before Children.”
  3. When “Some enchanted evening, you will find a stranger across a toy-strewn crowded room” and you’ll discover it’s your spouse.
  4. When you have a hard time choosing between “Bunco night” with your gal pals and a romantic dinner with your hubby.
  5. When the extent of your conversation with you spouse has degenerated to bodily noises and “ughs.”
  6. When you’re feeling drawn to the garbage man because he visits you weekly and gives you a wink when he empties your trash.
  7. When you look to your children to meet your emotional needs.  (No joke here–just a very real problem!)
  8. When the idea of holding your spouse’s hand just seems weird.
  9. When you’ve spent more time with the Tidy Bowl Man and Mr. Clean than your husband.
  10. When the “D” word (divorce) is used more often than the other “D” word (date).



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