Remember how you felt when you had your first crush?  The animated movie, Bambi, poked fun at that euphoric feeling, referring to it as being “twitterpated.”  I distantly remember those feelings (no, age-related comments from the peanut gallery, please!).  After all, twitterpation doesn’t last very long.  It can, however, bloom into a loving affiliation—-marriage.  But for many, it can also end in an empty and dry obligation. Unless, of course, a lot of cultivation has been made throughout the years!

Our love for God can become like that, as well––an empty and dry obligation.

I heard a song the other day on the radio that made me think about all of this twitterpation/infatuation stuff.  The song is called, “More Like Falling in Love” by Jason Gray.  Although I like romance and try not to miss a good chick-flick, I also have a nuts and bolts sensibility.  I know that I cannot love my spouse, love my neighbor, or love my God without giving myself wholly to God through a variety of spiritual disciplines.   With that said, I also feel that God doesn’t want me to pursue Him for the sake of “puffing myself up with biblical knowledge” or checking off a list of spiritual to-do’s.

It’s a delicate balance we must strike—-pursuing God’s truth while at the same time surrendering our hearts over (and over) to His loving embrace.  He must be our Lover not just our God, Teacher and Savior.  I want that.  My hope and prayer is that you want and experience that too!


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