I realize that many of you reading this may feel that you are experts in this area.  And in that case, I would love to hear from you.  But until then, I’m going to get the ball rolling . . .

My first suggestion would be to pretend that you are not angry anytime someone offends you.  After all, what good does it do to feel the anger?  It only ruins your day!  And expressing your anger certainly has its drawbacks, as well.  Just ask a postal worker.

Secondly, avoid talking about your angry feelings with others—especially in prayer.  It is always better to keep the “cat in the bag.” You know how messy furious felines can be.  It would be like letting hair-balls fly this way and that—not a pretty sight!

Thirdly, blame everyone for the plight you’re facing.  Remember, if you shift your focus to your responsibility and what you can do to change, you might just decrease your anger and people will naturally come closer to you.  It’s clearly a lose/lose proposition.

Fourth, and last of all, generalize your feelings of anger toward everyone—including God.  This simply means that if someone offended you in the past, let that anger bleed over onto your current relationships.  This is when your anger can be really powerful. You’ll feel like the Terminator—“hasta la vista, baby!” What a thrill!

Disclaimer: The above suggestions are not the opinion of the author of this blog and therefore she cannot be held responsible for any anger or alienation that occurs as a result of reading this post. Simply do the opposite of what is suggested and you’ll find the best course of action in your relationships.


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