Nose Gallery

This post is just a fun little game to de-stress and entertain you during the busy holidays.  Ever since I began my blog, “Write on the Knows,” I’ve always wanted a nose gallery.  In fact, in my next post I will add to my Nose Gallery, a “Knows Gallery” which includes people I know and what I know about them.  But for now, here’s what you need to do–match up the nose with the name of the person listed below.  You may or may not know the people who are attached to these noses, but that’s half the fun!  I will have the answers below, but don’t peek before you finish the game.  Also – a shout out goes to the women who bravely offered their noses for my little experiment!  Thank you, ladies!

1.  Jeanie Madsen
2.  Beth Steffaniak
3.  Lisa Sola
4.  Keri Poettker
5.  Naomi Willoughby
6.  Cindy Rotter


Comments on: "Nose Gallery" (3)

  1. nose 1: cindyNose 2: LisaNose 3: KeriNose 4: BethNose 5: NaomiNose 6: JeanieI'll peek in a minute to see how well I did! 🙂

  2. hah! I missed everyone one of them! 🙂 I guess I'm not that good at picking noses. Sadly, 5 year is! 🙂 (sorry…I couldn't resist!)

  3. (I mean my 5 year old) 🙂

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