A Mother’s Sacrificial Love

I am participating in a blog tour for the book, A Slow Burn by Mary DeMuth.  I, along with many other bloggers, have been asked to write about someone whom we feel has exemplified sacrificial love.  One of the first persons to come to my mind was my good friend Tori, who has demonstrated tireless devotion to her autistic son, Eli.

From the day that Tori learned of Eli’s autism, she did not waste one moment feeling sorry for herself or the dreams she might have had for her young son.  She immediately set about to find the best ways to care for him. She researched the disorder, as well as the methods and treatments available to her son.   She’s learned how to cook special meals for him, eliminating gluten, casein and limiting sugar.  She’s sought the assistance and expertise of an internist who has helped her to develop a treatment plan that has resulted in steady and encouraging improvements over the years.

A few years back, when a local Elk’s lodge found out about Eli’s disability, they wanted to provide for some portion of his treatment.  Tori realized that Eli could really benefit from a Far Infrared Sauna which would help him to sweat out impurities that his body cannot release effectively otherwise.  The Elk’s Lodge graciously paid for the $900 sauna.  And although Tori is grateful to the Elk’s Lodge, she gives all the credit to God for bringing her son to their attention.

Just this past spring, Tori learned about the promising effects of hyperberic chamber treatments with autism.  Like most experimental treatments, her insurance would not cover the cost.  So Tori did more research and found a reasonably priced treatment center in a remote part of North Carolina.  Even though this treatment center was reasonably priced compared to many similar centers, it still cost over $4000 for all 40 treatments.  Again, this did not deter Tori and her husband Drake, from moving forward to meet the need of their son.  Tori and Drake organized a Trivia Night where more than 200 people came to support them in their efforts to raise the funds.  To make a long story short, Tori and her son were able to travel to North Carolina for the treatments this past summer with the expenses being completely covered by the funds raised at the Trivia Night.

When I think of all the wonderful and selfless acts that Tori has done for Eli throughout his brief 8 years of life, I am more than moved by them–I am convicted by them! I only hope her story is as inspiring and motivating to you as it has been to me!  Tori, if you read this, know that you truly are a great and sacrificial mom who makes me want to be a better mom too!

If you are interested in learning more about Mary DeMuth’s book, A Slow Burn, check out this link: amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0310278376And if you’d like to check out Mary’s blog you can go to: marydemuth.com/If you are interested in writing for a blog tour to come, follow this link: blogtourspot.com/writing/ One more thing–if you’re interested in reading other stories about sacrificial love or reviews on Mary’s book, A Slow Burn go to: blogtourspot.com/slowburn-tour/slowburn-tour-stops



Comments on: "A Mother’s Sacrificial Love" (4)

  1. Beth, that was a terrific tribute to Tori! Thanks for writing!And I love the Beth-E idea!Pam

  2. I love this story. Wow! She sounds like someone beautiful and amazing.

  3. What a beautiful reminder of God's perfect provision! 🙂 Sounds like a great family – and also a wonderful book. I'm going to check it out!peace,Donna

  4. p.s. I found your blog via Jean Matthew Halls blog who was also part of Mary's blog tour. I'm glad I stopped by! peace,Donna

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