Just a Little Bragging

I need to brag a little about my son, Graham. He took this photo that I have used for the background of my blog header, but most recently changed (just because I wanted a change!). I think it is wonderful and just had to mention his great photography skills! And for those of you who remember that wonderful ice storm we had a few Decembers ago in Edwardsville, the picture was taken then.

I remember that ice storm because our electricity was out for five days at our home and just across the street in our same subdivision our neighbors didn’t lose it at all! This was a blessing in disguise because we were able to shower and use their washer and dryer when we were desperate. Thank you, Cheryl!

I was reminded again of the terrible storm when Gary and I went on a recent trip to a conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The highway through part of Kentucky had huge broken branches looming dangerously close to the highway. It was quite a site and probably a worse storm than ours, although at the time I felt very amazed by the icy wonderland that we had here in Illinois.

And that brings me to my point–my son was very amazed as well. So during those cold and icy days, he took many great photos. I must say, he is quite the budding photographer! So the next time you see him, tell him how I was bragging on him.


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