25 Things that I know . . .

I know . . .

  1. that Jesus loves me and gave His life for me.
  2. that I’m going to heaven when I die.
  3. that God is the only one who can fill the void in my life and heart.
  4. that God has called me as a counselor to help people grow closer to God, help them to relate better to others, and help them to understand themselves better also.
  5. that God has blessed me with three handsome sons, Jordan, Graham and Braden.
  6. that God has blessed me with a husband who is loyal, loving, and always willing to examine himself and change to help our relationship.
  7. that God will bring our adopted daughter to us when His timing is right.
  8. that I love to restore furniture and antiques and make them into something beautiful again.
  9. that I love chocolate–especially chocolate covered strawberries and blackberries.
  10. that I love listening to thunderstorms when I’m safe inside my dry, warm home.
  11. that I love to write and stretch the bounds of my creativity.
  12. that my pride sometimes keeps me from doing what is right.
  13. that fear is one of my biggest challenges in relating well to others.
  14. that the more I open myself to safe people, the more I learn about who I am.
  15. that being a mom is my greatest calling–even though dealing with a 15 year old who thinks he knows “everything” can drive me bananas!
  16. that I hate to exercise, but that I know I need to do it anyway.
  17. that I love the quietness that happens just after a heavy snowfall.
  18. that my husband loves me even though he knows me at my worst.
  19. that time feels like it is going faster every year especially now as I am getting older.
  20. that complaining only makes me and those I complain about feel worse and less motivated.
  21. that I need an accountability partner to help me see what is just beyond my sight about myself.
  22. that using anger to fight anger never works.
  23. that I need to daily remind myself of God’s blessings or I will grow discontent.
  24. that I cannot change another person, but I can pray for them, listen to them, love them.
  25. that I have so much more to learn and I want to always be teachable no matter how old I become.

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